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Pool Liners And Vinyl Pool Renovation

Have you noticed that your vinyl swimming pool appears a little drab and not quite inviting even during the hottest days? Well, a simple vinyl pool renovation can restore the fun into your yard recreation. It’s not unusual for pool owners to renovate the pool area and transform it from a plain cement hole to a personal retreat to enjoy throughout summer. 

You can replace your dull and faded vinyl pool liner or add one to cover the rough concrete bowl, which can be the first step to making your pool a more inviting place for everyone to swim. 

Pool Liners during Vinyl Pool Renovation

Vinyl pool liners are typically found in two thicknesses: 28ml and 20ml. They are made to help keep your pool water clean and fresh and prevent leaks. There are many reasons why you should opt for these liners if you’re considering doing some renovations soon:

Affordable – Vinyl pool liners are economically priced. They are, however, durable and would last for years. And in case there’s any problem, these kinds of liners are very simple to repair as there are many different types of underwater glue that you can utilize. 

Very comfortable – Since vinyl pool liners aren’t rigid, you won’t feel like you’re getting trapped in it. Thus, the overall level of comfort experienced when you utilize these liners is very good. Additionally, they have a soft structure, which makes them be able to hold the water quite well. Sometimes, kids get injured as a result of corners on the pools but these liners are not rough or sharp, which generally reduces injuries. 

Perfect fit on all pools – Unlike other kinds of liners, vinyl liners are flexible and take the shape of any pool be it oval, rectangular, round, or kidney-shaped. On the other hand, other liners would be difficult to place in such cases because they are hard. 

Different colors – If you’re looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your pool, then there are many different kinds of colors to consider when choosing vinyl pool liners. You can buy colorful liners and place them on the floor of your pool so that it looks amazing. 

Easy to maintain – Cleaning your vinyl pool is easy. You just need to wash a little with normal soap and vacuum it a bit and it will look new again. There are many organic cleaners that you can use to eliminate any kind of dirt and stains as well as microorganisms.  

Why Vinyl Pools are Great

Vinyl pools have many advantages. One of these advantages is the ease of replacing a pool liner. Most reliable pool companies can finish this task in less time than it requires resurfacing a concrete pool depending on the amount of water needed to fill it. 

Patching a small hole in an in-ground vinyl pool is affordable and fast. Fixing concrete takes more time and money and needs to be done more often. On the other hand, vinyl is durable. Vinyl liners can last a long time, which makes homeowners go up to 20 years without replacing the liner. 

Comparably, you must resurface a concrete pool after every 5 to 10 years. If you have a fiberglass pool and it happens to crack, then you may need to replace the entire structure, which is expensive. 


If you’re considering doing vinyl pool renovation or constructing a vinyl pool to enhance your backyard recreation, then you should hire professional pool builders. When it comes to renovations and repair, the professional can have your filtration system updated at an affordable price and reasonable time. The professional can also help you switch over from manual to remote-controlled systems so that you can control the features of your pool remotely. 

No matter how small pool renovation you require, hiring a reputable pool repair expert can help you with not only the design but also the execution of your project.