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Hire The Best Bayside Builders To Renovate Your Backyard

Various homeowners get so excited with the stylish finishing and furnishing INSIDE that they don’t leave enough budgets for the OUTSIDE.

Are you that homeowner? If yes, you might have realised that your home looks amazing but with an ugly backyard.

You can be proud of your garden too by maintaining your budget in such a way that your property looks beautiful from both inside and outside.

You can make any garden come to life with the help of the Melbourne Home Renovators.

Here are 7 Ways. So let’s explore together!

  1. Patio Kitchen Plus Bar

Make your boring life a bit entertaining with a patio kitchen and bar. Whether you live alone or with your family, an outdoor kitchen is just perfect.

You can increase the size of the kitchen by using four doors that offer a wide doorway when they are stacked together.

Apart from being completely outdoor, you can also create an indoor-outdoor flow. Just add a gas strut window to the bar and pop a barn light.

You can also place some bar stools to complete the look. Just sit on them till you wait for the BBQ to get ready.

  1. Basketball Court

This might not be the most popular landscape popularity but some b-ball mad families just love the basketball hoops.

It looks beautiful if used in the outer surroundings of a pool. You can even place a chair in each corner.

  1. Cool Pool

Having a pool in a home is what we all want. Already have a pool? Lucky you! If your garden is huge, ask experts to build a pool for you.

For small gardens, a tiny pool would work too. You can grow some plants near the pool to get that wild and natural feel.

  1. Dining Area

In or near your patio kitchen, you can also create a dining area. Place a hardwood table and some armchairs surrounding it.

This can be a perfect place for family meals or casual kid’s meals.

  1. Hot Fire Pit

Nothing can explain the joy of sitting near a fire pit with your friends and family, having scrumptious food, and singing soothing songs.

A gas fire pit is suitable for those who don’t want to bother about lighting it.

For an authentic look, you can ask the professionals for a natural fire pit inside which you can burn woods.

  1. Lawn

Almost everyone is a fan of turf. If you are out of the budget with the interior Home Renovations Melbourne, just lay some turf and see the wonder happening.

The lush green colour is enough to enhance your garden.

  1. Day Bed

You can get the feel of Bali by sitting in your home. All you have to do is go for a day bed in your backyard near a pool in summer.

You can even enjoy the sunbath on it. Place a small table near it to place your drinks on it. Matching cushions and pillows enhance the entire look.

Wrapping Up

Implement one of the above ideas to make your home look prettier from both inside and outside. So get in touch with the Home Extension Builders Melbourne!