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Alarming Signs to Hire Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs – the silent killer – feed on human blood. These tiny critters are difficult to detect. Many people don’t even have any idea about bed bug infestation. They can be hiding underneath your furniture, mattress, or under the frames of your bed. Moreover, it’s not possible to see these bugs with naked eyes. That’s why hiring a talented team of pest control Melbourne is the only solution.

To keep you safe from these bugs, we are here with some warning signs of their existence.

Take a look!

  1. Bad Smell

Has your home been smelling weird lately? An unpleasant, strong, and more like that of a wet towel smell can be the sign of bed bugs. These vampires release pheromones and the smell can be solid when an extensive number. Thus, if your bedroom smells like a filthy locker room, call the pest control experts for a deep investigation.

  1. Bug Bites

Bed bugs are great at hiding and you might be living with them right now. They are so tiny that finding them on your own could be impossible. Furthermore, some people don’t realise that have bed bugs until they are bitten by them.

Pest Control Melbourne

If you are facing difficulty sleeping at night and discovering red itchy skin (specifically on shoulders, neck, and back), chances of having bed bugs are high.

These bites are the same as that of the mosquito bites. But, bed bugs usually bite in a row, unlike mosquito that bites here and there.

  1. Bedbug empty Egg Shell and Eggs

Well, this is serious! If you have found pearly white or transparent eggs in your home, think no further than getting help from an experienced pest control expert. The eggs are coated in a glossy film that keeps them stuck on the surfaces. Empty eggshells have the same colour as the live ones, but are less glossy and also a bit flat.

You need urgent help in such situation because a female bed bug can lay 5-500 eggs in the entire lifetime. Now imagine how many eggs she might have laid in your home.

  1. Blood Stain of Bed Bug

These blood-sucking monsters are most active in the night and hence suck your blood in the night. If you have discovered bloodstains on your clothes or bed sheet, bed bugs are the culprit. The stains occur when you are sleeping and squash one of the bed bug that has just digested your blood. So, if you see an unusual blood sign on your bed, get in touch with the experts.

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All these signs are not to be ignored as bed bug bites can lead to many other skin issues. So stay safe with a complete pest control service.

Final Words…

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home, it’s better to consult the best company for pest control Melbourne eastern suburbs. You can discuss your situations with them and they would offer you an instant solution on hand.

So why don’t you reach such an expert right now?

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