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Troubleshooting Toilet Plumbing Problems: When to Call a Professional Plumbers

The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your home. It’s not just the place where you go to relieve yourself, but it’s also a major drain on your water bill and can cause some serious plumbing problems if not taken care of properly. 

That’s why it’s so important to be able to troubleshoot toilet plumbing problems and fix them yourself before calling a professional plumbers Maitland that know his work. 

In this article, know the reasons to call a plumber;

The toilet is running

If you’ve noticed that your toilet is running, there are many possible causes. The first thing to check is the drain, as clogs can cause water to back up into the toilet bowl and overflow. 

If you have a second floor in your house and no one has flushed anything recently on that floor, it’s possible that someone upstairs flushed something down their toilet and caused an overflow in yours.

Water doesn’t flow into the bowl or flushes away

When the water doesn’t flow into the bowl or flushes away, it’s time to call a professional plumber.

Water doesn’t flow into the bowl: The most common cause of this problem is that your toilet has been clogged by something you flushed down it. If you have an older-style toilet that has been installed with an exposed trapway, this can be easy for kids or pets to get stuck in and block up with debris like toys and hairballs from grooming sessions gone wrong. 

Call a Professional Plumber

If you see these situations, call a professional plumber!

You have to use extra force to flush

If you have to use extra force to flush, it’s a good indication that the toilet is clogged or full. Toilets are designed to trap and hold waste until it can be flushed down with water. If the bowl is full of waste material, it may be tough for water to push through and clear out all of the contents in one go.

You may also notice this problem if your toilet seems like it has been flushed multiple times without any results; this could mean that something is blocking up your pipes and preventing them from draining properly (which can cause backup into other areas of your home).

If you notice these symptoms, call a plumber Maitland immediately! He’ll come out and clear whatever blockage has formed so that everything works smoothly again

Water leaks from around or underneath the toilet

Water leaks from around or underneath the toilet.

If you notice water on the floor beneath your toilet, check to see if it’s leaking from around or underneath the bowl. First, check to see if any bolts are loose; tighten them if necessary and recheck for leaks. 

If that doesn’t fix it, take a closer look at cracks in the bowl and check for leaks from either end of its “sewer pipe” (the supply line).  In such circumstances, you need a plumber!


If you’re experiencing problems with your toilet plumbing, it’s important to know when to call in an expert plumber. You may be able to fix some issues on your own, but others require special knowledge of plumber Maitland and equipment that can only be found in a professional’s toolbox.