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The Importance Of Vocabulary Building With The Help Of Right English Tutor

Vocabulary building is the best way to improve your language ability. You can improve your vocabulary by reading, writing, and speaking English.

Vocabulary building is the best way to improve your language ability.

It is a fact that vocabulary building is the best way to improve language ability. Vocabulary is the key to learning any new language, and it’s also the foundation of communication, understanding, reading, and listening.

Vocabulary building can be done in many ways, whether you’re studying with an English Tutor Auckland or just spending time with native speakers who know how to expand your vocabulary. The more words you learn about something specific–like nature or sports–the easier it will be for you when someone wants to talk about those things with you!

You can improve your vocabulary by reading, writing, and speaking English.

  • Reading.

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary, especially if you’re reading books in English that are beyond your level. Even if you don’t understand everything, try to use a dictionary or Google Translate for words that aren’t familiar. If possible, ask a friend or family member who speaks English well to help explain any parts of the text that are unclear to you.

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  • Writing.

Writing is another effective way of improving your vocabulary because it forces us all to make connections between new words and their meanings as we write them down on paper or type them into an email or document on our computer screen at home/workplace etc., which then helps us remember those meanings more easily later on when we come across those same words again (e-books).

Developing a wide vocabulary will help you become proficient in English!

The ability to use a wide vocabulary is important for all aspects of language learning, as it allows you to communicate more fluently and effectively.

  • Vocabulary building helps with listening comprehension. When you hear a word that you don’t know, you have to guess its meaning based on context clues–but if your vocabulary is limited, this can be difficult. For example: “The doctor told me that my back was sore because I had been carrying too many heavy things around all day.” If someone who doesn’t know what “carrying” means hears this sentence in conversation or reads it in an article about back pain treatments, he or she may not understand what the doctor meant by saying “carrying.” On the other hand, someone who has built up his/her English vocabulary would immediately recognize that “carry” means “to hold something somewhere in order for another person or thing (such as yourself)”.
  • Developing a wide range of synonyms will help improve both written and spoken fluency because it gives us more options when we’re trying to find just the right word!


The best way to learn English is by speaking it! If you’re looking to improve your vocabulary, then we highly recommend finding english tutor Auckland who can help you with this process. It may seem daunting at first, but having someone there who understands what it means to learn a new language will make all the difference when it comes down to actually using those words in conversation.