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Mini Locker is the new way to share your stuff.

Mini Locker

Mini Locker is a web-based locker that gives you the freedom to manage who can pull what off of your digital shelves. It implements various security measures for compatibility with any device, content and social network, in addition to the possibilities of the future. 

What is Mini Locker?

The online guide describes Mini Locker as a way to keep “mini items, such as keys and cards, together in an easy-to-find spot.” The principles note that the outdoor design allows it to be portable. “The lockers are water-resistant so that they won’t rust or fade,” according to the site. The guides also note that the waterproof lockers are designed with magnets in them to hang from metal surfaces.

How do I lock my Locker? 

Each lockers ships with a padlock to hold your possessions aside and provide added security measures. Similar to how key fob locks work in automobiles, you’ll be advised of the number of times your garage door may unlock or unlock your vehicle once again depends upon you. The excellent thing is, this is not illegal as long as it displays a warning of some sort for people who lease a locker and your fridge will lock if you store items of value in them. This can fortify any personal storage space against theft or break-in, but it is advised to make use of the lockers from the foundation by bringing a padlock.

User benefits of Mini Locker

A new locker service that was recently introduced is called Mini Locker. It’s designed to help every one of its users live more and start sharing as much as they want, two with their possessions in a safe and shared space. The most important benefit is how easy it is to share that space with other people with the click of a button. If you don’t want it anymore, just click on the “sell” button on your locker listing, and someone else will pick it up instantly!

How can it be safe and accessible? 

The items stored in there can be accessed by all the members of Mini Locker who are connected with that particular user at any time using an app (more on this later) – there’s no need to go yourself physically; online signing-in with the PIN assigned to you and once you have signed in, you can navigate to the Locker from any app on your smartphone, and take any item you want from it.

Mini Locker


Everyone has some things they like to share with others, and every person also has something they want to keep personal. A shared Mini Locker provides a space where both things can be accommodated. This new way of sharing keeps everyone’s items safe, secure and highly visible at the same time.