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Expert Tips to Preserve Fireplace In Good Condition

fireplaces have always been the choice of most homeowners because of their versatility and other benefits. it is undoubtedly a worthy investment in the long run but it can lead to expensive repairs if it is not maintained properly with care. Continue reading the blog till the end to know about the expert tips to preserve the fireplaces in Australia in good condition!

  • Clean the inside of the fireplace

Wood-burning stoves can improve the atmosphere of a home, but burning all the wood that needs to be removed on a regular basis produces a variety of by-products. Cleaning the interior not only improves the aesthetics but also makes the fireplace more efficient in dissipating heat. In addition, this ash is an excellent source of nutrients for plants and can be sprinkled in the garden. 

  •  Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

A fireplace can be a comfortable source of heat in your home, but it can also be a potential source of health hazards. Normally, a properly installed fireplace should not cause any problems. A clogged chimney or vent system can cause problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning. What makes carbon monoxide even more deadly is that it is an odourless, colourless gas that makes it difficult for humans to detect.

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  •  Check the chimney and its cap 

A well-functioning chimney is essential for an efficient fireplace. It is important to regularly inspect for cracks, dents, or rust, whether or not there is a masonry or metal chimney. These can be a sign of a bigger problem. The chimney also has a cap, usually made of stone or metal plate, to prevent water, birds and other substances. On the side of the cap is a screen that doubles as a spark arrester. Check the cap and strainer and replace if necessary.

  •  Use the right wood 

Some homeowners consider all wood to be the same. Not so with your chimney. As a general rule, stick to seasoned hardwoods such as oak, maple and birch and stay away from conifers such as cedar and pine. Seasoned wood is usually properly dried with less than 20% moisture. In general, firewood needs to be cured for 6 to 12 months before it is ready for burning in a fireplace. It is best to divide the logs into smaller pieces to help them dry faster.

  •  Please test before using  the fireplace 

Make sure the fireplace is functioning properly before using it. First, light some logs and see if the chimney emits smoke. If it breaks into the room, first find and fix the problem before charging a large amount of wood. Common problems that can cause this are clogged chimney ducts, too much creosote or soot buildup, closed dampers, or wet wood.

  • Installing Fans and Heat Resistant Glass Doors

To make the wood heaters safer, more efficient and easier to maintain, the use of glass doors and fans cannot be exaggerated. Glass doors not only prevent sparks and embers from the fireplace from falling into the room but also keep overly curious pets and children from getting too close to the heat.