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11 Things To Consider When Planning A Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula

A home renovation project can be a tricky thing to plan out. It’s hard to know what you’re looking for without having actually walked into the space, but it’s easy enough to figure out that renovations are best to do on your own schedule and budget. Sometimes a good idea will come from something as small as looking at other people’s renovations or working with someone you trust to help you find a contractor in the area.

If you’re thinking for bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula, there are a lot of factors to consider which might seem like a lot of small, seemingly unimportant details. However, it’s these unnoticed tiny details that can make or break the project so take your time and stay focused on the bigger picture.

When should you renovate your bathroom?

For many homeowners, renovating a bathroom may seem like something that needs to be done only when you have enough space. This is incorrect because even if your bathroom space is too small or a little outdated, renovating it can still improve your life while also adding value.

What to consider when planning a bathroom renovation?

When planning a bathroom renovation, make sure you consider the following factors. Consider things like room size, type of material for the floor, lighting, décor and colours. In addition, don’t overdo the design. Be careful not to overcrowd your design with too many options.

What is the difference between a ‘Bathroom Makeover’ and a ‘Bathroom Redesign’?

A bathroom renovation is a relatively straightforward concept. You come in and remove, replace or reposition existing fixtures, floors, walls and possibly ceilings to better suit the occupancy’s needs and desires. A redesign on the other hand involves reconstruction of rooms with new clean lines construction materials and functionality. They offer the same functionality as a remodel, but they often result in a more modern style that accentuates function while blending into a room more effectively.

Choosing A Bathroom Renovation Designer

In all of your bathroom renovation plans, it is crucial that you pick a visual designer with the skill set and creativity to help turn those ideas into reality. It is important to ask for references from former projects, check out their portfolios and see if their style matches your needs.

bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula

Outsourcing Contractor

In order to decorate one’s home, there are many aspects to account for. The kitchen renovation can take hours and cost thousands of dollars. But most importantly, one must consider the area in which they plan on renovating their bathroom. Some parts that come into play include an existing tub or toilet cabinetry, the size of the space, issues with plumbing and electricity, and more. It is best to consult a contractor before starting any renovations

What areas must be covered in your design brief?

A clear brief will ensure the best aesthetic design for your bathroom and well-thought-out proposals. Ensure to factor in these things when you are starting a renovation:

  • Colour choices
  • The sizes of the room
  • Surroundings (such as how the door will be used).


This blog discusses the things that should be considered in bathrooms renovations Mornington Peninsula. From changes in lights and outlets to repairing leaks and updating flooring, this blog covers every important detail of a home. Besides the changes listed in this blog, homeowners also need to address their bathrooms’ accessibility.